Data Engineer, Freelance Technical Writer, AWS Certified Solution Architect, HIIT, cloud & tech enthusiast living in Berlin.

To avoid confusion: my maiden name is Anna Anisienia. I'm getting married this year, hence the domain name Anna Geller.

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TaskFlow API in Apache Airflow 2.0 — Should You Use It?

TaskFlow API is a feature that promises data sharing functionality and a simple interface for building data pipelines in Apache Airflow 2.0. It should allow the end-users to write Python code rather than Airflow code.


Monitoring vs. Observability: Can You Tell The Difference?

Observabilit has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. To assess the health of IT systems, engineering teams typically use logs, metrics, and traces, which are used by various developer tools to facilitate observability.


Manage Files and Database Connections in Python Like a Pro

How to manage external resources in Python with your custom context managers


10 Data Engineering Practices to Ensure Data and Code Quality

What I learned from working with data at various companies


Serverless Kubernetes Cluster on AWS with EKS on Fargate

In this blog post, I discuss EKS on Fargate, a service that lets us run a serverless Kubernetes cluster on AWS. I demonstrate the differences between ECS and EKS on Fargate and their implications.