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With the growing number of AI-generated and vendor content, good pieces often don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Even if you follow great writers, it’s hard to keep track of and read all articles.

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Not a Roundup

This newsletter doesn’t aim to stay up to date with trends. Sometimes you may get a summary of a post written a couple of years ago, and that’s intentional.

The goal is:

  • quality, not quantity

  • sharing knowledge, not information

  • curated selection, not information overload

  • unique messages shared by unique messengers, not spam content

Who am I?

I'm Anna Geller. I regularly contribute new blog posts myself on Medium. But this substack is primarily dedicated to sharing other people's work, not mine.

If you have suggestions of great posts that should be included, reach out. You can message and connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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